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Maku Support Group an agitation for the election of Labaran Maku as the next Governor of Nasarawa state have called on governor Murtala Nyako tof Adamawa state to face the problems he and his cohorts have gotten his state and the North-East into and leave the honorable minister of information Labaran Maku alone. Nyako should concentrate on solving tbe myriad of security issues in his state instead of casting aspersions on the presidency and the distinguished minister. We are not surprised at his outbursts as it has become his stock in trade to join issues with every and anybody tbat tries to caution him. His recent pronouncements raises a lot of questions on his complicity in the boko haram debacle that has continued to plaque Adamawa, the NorthEast and country at large. People like Nyako should cover themselves in shame for grounding their states and trying to pass the blame and responsility to orhers. We are of the view that he should be investigated.our hearts go to the good people of adamawa state who have the misfortune of having to contend Nyako for close to eigth years and the attendant consequences. We advise the general public to disregard Nyako and his vituperations as the tantrums of a frustrated and sinking man.We once again ask him to face his problems and allow our amiable minister and the next governor to continue with the dilligent discharge of his duties. ISHAKU ALIYU BARDE organising secretary MSG